Back to the Garden

The garden. A place of perfect connection to the heart of God. A place of purity, innocence, beauty and wonder. The very place where the gospel message began. Are you ready to go back to the garden?

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A meaningful walk with God is waiting for you.

Back to the Garden is a free 12 session video course that will take your mind and heart back to the beginning – the very beginning. Our salvation story doesn’t begin at the fall, it begins in the garden, where intimacy with God was all man knew.

In this course, Peter Louis reveals the heart of God from creation to today. It’s a heart that longs for us to draw close, stop hiding in our shame and instead enjoy pure, genuine relationship with him.

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Why take this course?

Ignite Your Faith

Refresh Your Walk with God

Understand God’s Original Plan

Are you ready to enjoy the presence of God?

Whether you journey through this course on your own, with a friend or with a group, Back to the Garden will renew the meaning and closeness in your walk with God by:

  • Developing a right perspective of God, his nature and his desires for you
  • Opening the door for union with God
  • Renewing your mind to the glory of God
  • Experiencing the majesty of the gospel and allowing it to lead your heart and life
  • Gaining true understanding of Jesus’ redemption of you
  • Growing into Christlikeness
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“The depth of your explanations has me in awe of the glory that is bestowed upon each and every one of us!”
Sandy D.
“Because of misconceptions I had of God, I always had trouble with connecting with Him. With Braveheart, I learned to stop hiding from Him because I saw who He is more clearly, and it's improved my life immensely.”
Alzavian J.

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Our 12 lesson video course includes:

  • Introductory readings to accompany each video session
  • Scripture readings for each video session
  • Engaging questions to further your growth
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Renew your mind, reorient your heart, live the gospel

The true heart of God. That’s what we’re after. What is He like? What are we like? How do we live in meaningful relationship with Him?

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