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Have you ever wondered what’s missing? What keeps people stuck, far from God, and struggling to walk like Jesus? Why does discipleship in church not seem to produce lasting change? The answer? A man-centered gospel. The solution? The full gospel of Jesus Christ, focused completely on him.

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Discipleship begins and ends with the gospel. It’s the only tool we need.

If you or your church is ready to dive into the truth of the gospel, then this discipleship unto transformation training will help you unlock your God-given potential, deeper passion and intimacy with God and the ability to impact your community and the world.

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Why take this course?

Develop Kingdom leadership skills

Strengthen the church

Discipleship unto Christlikeness

Cultivate training will...

  • Ignite passion
  • Strengthen the church
  • Awaken tired leaders to a new way
  • Refocus us on what God has done, not on what we must do
  • Empower Christians to walk like Jesus
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Discipleship that works.

This six-session course gives you a front row seat to our Dallas leadership training weekend. What makes this leadership training different? It’s centered on helping you LIVE the gospel and train others to do the same.

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Full Course


per person

The Cultivate course includes:

  • 6 video training sessions
  • A digital copy of Cultivate Training Manual

The ministry of the gospel isn’t just for the lost…

The gospel is the very thing that will mature Christians out of sin and into Christlikeness. Our goal is to shift people’s focus from what man must do to what God has done.

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