Freedom with God

Freedom with God. It’s possible – all of it. Joy, peace, confidence, expectation, rest. Isn’t that the relationship with God that you long for? This course is designed to reorient our hearts to the One who created them, longs for them and is ready to mold them. Freedom is God’s gift to us. It’s time to run with it.

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No barriers. No Shame. No guilt. That’s Freedom with God.

Freedom with God is a 40-session course that focuses on the true heart of God, his nature and his desires for you. When you understand the truth of God, you gain freedom – freedom from sin, freedom from your past, freedom from old ways of thinking, freedom to walk in the New Covenant.

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Why take this course?

Experience freedom from sin

Cultivate intimacy with God

Walk in the Spirit

Freedom with God will...

  • Restore connection with God
  • Get free of guilt and shame
  • Learn how to walk in the Spirit
  • Provide insight and understanding about the character and nature of God
  • Disrupt and disable sin’s hold on your life
  • Empower you with truth
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“The way that Peter has been able to articulate the depths of the gospel and the intimacy it brings has revolutionized the way I talk to God and pray to Him and how I receive love from Him.”

Gabe Sanchez

“God has used the message of Braveheart to reintroduce me and so many others to the good news of the Gospel.”

Michael Miller

“I truly came alive when I heard your teaching and truly experienced the grace of God.”

Kole Purdy

Full Course


Our 40 lesson video series includes:

  • A digital copy of Back to the Gospel
  • 40 video and audio lessons
  • Engaging questions for each lesson

Freedom is possible.

You were created to enjoy God, to be connected to Him, to be confident in Him. No more barriers, no more sin cycles, no more destructive thinking – only freedom.

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