Do you feel numb to God and His love for you?

This 30 day video devotional series will soften your heart to receive and experience the greatest love the world has ever known so that you can live free from sin and compelled by love!


Why take this course?

Soften your heart to God's love.

Find freedom from sin.

Love others like Jesus.

We know our heart is numb to God and His love if . . .

  • You don’t have peace with God
  • You feel stuck in chronic anxiety
  • You struggle with self-hatred and depression
  • Sin habits seem impossible to overcome
  • You don’t sense gratitude or joy for Jesus dying on the cross
  • You find it hard to love others who are unlovable
  • You struggle with being critical and judgmental

Keep the Blood Warm 30 day video devotional series will connect your heart to the life-giving flow of God’s spirit and love that will help you overcome all of these obstacles.


Compelled by Love

Experience lasting peace and joy.

Confidence in your relationship with God.

Power to love those around you like Jesus.

Experience the Course

A heart on fire. That’s what you’re about to experience. Join us in the life-changing, earth-shaking, soul-filling, mind-healing movement that is Keep The Blood Warm.


Stories & Testimonies

About two years ago I heard Peter teach for the first time. One of the things he highlighted was keeping the blood warm and understanding the power of the cross, the resurrection, and what Jesus did. From that point on my walk with Christ has completely flourished and transformed. Jesus has become the most real person in my life.

— Kim Lindsey

In Keep The Blood Warm, Peter Louis not only shares from the rich storehouse of his own experience with the Lord, but he gives you invaluable tools which, when applied, will open your eyes to God’s love for you in a new way, break strongholds in your thinking, establish Truth in your inward parts, and release the joy of Jesus in your heart, by the Holy Spirit.

— Melissa Smith

This devotional is very awesome, Peter Louis essentially writes to the heart that keeps our eyes gazed upon Jesus. In seeking more understanding beyond the Messiah, is developing good practice in seeking understanding in Jesus as our High Priest and developing that Priesthood in our lives. Many of Peter's anointed teachings have changed my walk with God in a better way I can explain. This devotional has engaged me to develop my hunger even more for the Lord.

— Erik Acuña

The Gospel is STILL powerful!

  • Commit to spending the next 30 days focusing on Jesus!
  • Sign up for this Video Devotional Series
  • Watch your heart come alive in the love of God

Turn your eyes away from your own failures and weakness and fix them on the cross so your heart can be strengthened by grace and softened to be filled with His love.



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Our 30 day video devotional series includes:

  • A digital copy of Keep the Blood Warm
  • 35+ teaching videos on communion and Messiah
  • Practical exercises to engage your heart with God
  • An example of Communion Prayer

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