True freedom is possible. Union with God is possible. Walking like Jesus is possible.

It’s possible. It’s promised. We can walk like Jesus. Freedom from sin, intimacy with God, peace, power, joy. Are you ready to grow up into Christ?

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Braveheart Courses

The gospel is more than a one-time message meant to save us from eternity without God. Within the gospel we find our identity, intimacy with God and maturity in our Christian walk. Our courses will take you on a journey of understanding, beholding Jesus and fully living in the very promises He gave us.

Back To The Garden

God desires relationship with you. YOU. This free 12-lesson course will draw you back to the garden, to intimacy with the very one who created you. A meaningful, fulfilling relationship with God is waiting.
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Freedom with God

Are you ready for true freedom? If you feel disconnected from God, stuck in sin cycles, unsure of your faith – Freedom with God is the course for you. 40 days, forever changed.

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Keep the Blood Warm

Awaken your soul and experience a heart on fire for God. This 30 day journey will draw you into true communion with God, right understanding of Jesus and a fresh prayer life filled with peace and praise.

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Cultivate Training

Have you ever wondered what’s missing? What keeps people stuck, far from God, and struggling to walk like Jesus? Why does discipleship in church not seem to produce lasting change? The answer? A man-centered gospel. The solution? The full gospel of Jesus Christ, focused completely on him. 

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Join us weekly on the Braveheart podcast. Our podcasts have one aim: to connect you to the heart of God and help you walk like Jesus.

Real people. Real connection with God. Real life change.

“I ended up listening to a handful of your messages back to back to back to back. I was in tears and in the love of God. I felt like I got born again, again. Holy Spirit did heart surgery on me that day”

“This teaching brings life to the thirsty Christian whose mouth is dry from works-based religion.”

“I think my entire life just changed through the revelation of the real Gospel...all I want to do is be with Him now.”

Back to the Garden.

Take our course.

You’ll never be the same.

The true heart of God. That’s what we’re after. What is He like? What are we like? How do we live in meaningful relationship with Him?

Back to the Garden


This 12 session video course includes:

  • Teaching that renews your mind to who God is and who you are in Him
  • Scripture references, engaging questions and message boards for deeper study
  • A new walk of freedom & union with God
Unlock peace, power and union with God