The Pain of Sonship

The Pain of Sonship

The Braveheart Podcast


It began with a commission from God:

run with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today, Braveheart is fulfilling that commission through podcasts, discipleship resources, books, preaching, groups and events. Running with Braveheart means enjoying God’s presence, exalting Jesus, releasing forgiveness, believing the truth and walking like Jesus.

Why Braveheart exists

We are Christians helping Christians access the joy and freedom of belonging to God and walking like the son He sent to save us. We train and strengthen individual believers, the local church and the global church.

Braveheart’s Beginnings: Our Story & Founder

Braveheart began with a commission from God to Peter Louis on a seemingly ordinary day in 2010: run with the gospel. And so Peter began to run.

Peter’s own story is like many others: I feel far from God. I feel stuck. I am ashamed. I am unsure of how God feels about me. I am scared.

Here’s what God revealed to Peter: the root problem with all of these thoughts isn’t Him. It’s our false view and beliefs of Him. God began to replace each of the false views with the truth.

Suddenly, where there was bondage, Peter experienced freedom. Where there once was distance, intimacy grew. Where there once was shame and insecurity, confidence and maturity took root. Where before there was hiding, enjoying the presence of God became Peter’s new mode of operating.

Peter’s story is Braveheart’s story: helping people look up and see the well-lit path of the Lord. God’s truth changes lives, connects us to others and develops a faith and maturity that results in love of God and love of others. Run with us - take a course, start a group, listen to the podcast, read a book, enjoy God!

We are brave hearts who follow the one true Braveheart, the lamb of God who gave his life for mankind.

Become a Braveheart

You were created to run your race with others, never alone. We are gathering believers from across the globe to behold the gospel together, gain understanding about the heart of God and uplift one another with the truth of the Word.

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