About Braveheart

True freedom is possible. Union with God is possible. Walking like Jesus is possible.

Braveheart was founded with one mission in mind: to run with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are training believers to run their races with confidence in the cross, freedom of the New Covenant and true understanding of God’s design and nature.

How do we train you to run the race?


Braveheart offers courses that will bring clarity to your walk with God, awaken passion in your daily life and equip you to grow into Christlikeness.

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Peter Louis writes for the Christian – the new Christian, the tired Christian, the stuck Christian, the longtime Christian. These books will change your life and bring you back to the very gospel that has freed you.

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Listen, renew your mind, grow your spirit. Our weekly podcast is like a spiritual coach for those who listen. It will encourage you in the faith and connect you to the heart of God.

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Events & Preaching

Experience the gospel and let it transform the very heart, mind and spirit that God placed in you.

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Strengthening the local church

Christ loves the church. Braveheart loves the church. We offer discipleship training firmly planted on the full gospel that focuses on what God has done not what man must do.

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Braveheart's Beginning

It began with a commission from God to Peter Louis: run with the gospel. Today, that commission is being fulfilled through Braveheart. We are running with the gospel in our podcast, courses, books, events and preaching in local churches.

Braveheart exists to train Christians and churches for their races. That training hinges on the full gospel of Jesus Christ and his complete work on the cross. We reawaken Christians to the beauty of Jesus and equip them to walk like him. It’s maturity into Christlikeness that we’re after. To know God, be in union with Him and walk like the son He sent to save us.

From Peter…
I feel far from God. I feel stuck. I am ashamed. I am unsure of how God feels about me. I am scared.

Countless people, the same story. And it was my story, too. Shame, exhaustion, a never-ending cycle of longing for intimacy with God but never experiencing it.

And then I realized: the problem wasn’t God. It was my false views and beliefs of Him. Once I replaced the false views with God’s truth, I began to find freedom with God and the acceptance and intimacy I had always longed for.

And from that, Braveheart was born.

A decade later, we are continuing our mission to run with the simple and full Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we behold Jesus, everything changes. Join us in the race that is taking people from stuck to thriving, lost to free, ashamed to accepted, hiding to enjoying the presence of God.

We are brave hearts who follow the one true Braveheart, the lamb of God who gave his life for mankind.

Run With Us.

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